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The Factory 1 Advantage

Factory 1 is a direct to concrete epoxy coating system designed as a decorative yet durable coating for garage floors and other applications such as steel, plywood, plastic.  Formulated with aliphatic chemistry Factory 1 products are color stable allowing it to take UV exposure without color shifts seen with other coating systems such as epoxies.

High Performance Finishes

We carry standard flake finishes that will match your existing garage color scheme.

We carry solid colors as well!

Custom Blended Finishes

Need a "one off" custom color floor finish created specifically for you or your client?

We literally have you covered.

Custom Counter Top Finishes

Want your counter tops to match your floors?

We can make that happen for you!

custom counter top finish
custom counter top finish close up

Fast Curing

UV Resistant

High Gloss

Abrasion Resistant

Flexible won't crack like brittle epoxies

Seamless Waterproof Membrane

loading dock

Excellent Weatherability

Many Protective Applications

Easy Clean Up

Wide Variety of Colors

Available Non Skid Finish

Professional Application Available